Super Sustainable Merchandise Gift Set

58.28 (47.38 ex VAT)

This gift set is full of recycled , sustainable and biodegradable items all made perfect for a number of different occasions: welcoming a new colleague, giving an end-of-year gift, showing your appreciation to employees, or simply strengthening your business relationships, you will leave a lasting impression with this gift set.

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*Please note price shown is just a guideline – for exact pricing or to order please email with the quantity you require. 

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In this set you will find the following items:

•  Join the Pipe Water Bottle 500 ml

Reusable water bottle from the Join The Pipe brand. This sustainable bottle is made of BIO HDPE. This plastic is made from the waste of the sugar cane plant. The bottle has a screw cap and carrying loop. A beautiful 3D diamond pattern gives the bottle a striking appearance. This bottle has a generous opening for adding ice cubes and making the bottle easy to clean. Leakproof and BPA-free. Capacity 500 ml.

• Nature Plus Matt Pen

Blue ink ballpoint pen from the Senator® brand. Made from recycled material. This pen has a sleek, matte finish and a generously sized clip/push button. The barrel is printed with a small ‘recycled material’ logo, next to the clip. Due to the recycled material used, slight irregularities in the surface of the pen may occur.

•  Seed Paper Notebook A5

Notebook in A5 format with approx. 80 sheets lined paper (70 g/m²). The cover of this notebook is made from so-called seed paper with flower seeds (Rudbeckia hirta). This kind of paper is biodegradable and ecologically friendly, made by hand from recycled materials rather than from trees. The seeds are then embedded into the paper. If you plant the paper in the soil, the paper perishes, the seeds grow, and you are left with beautiful flowers. Easy to plant, easy to grow, easy to prevent waste.

•  Corn Backpack.

Backpack made from corn waste, PLA material from corn starch. With drawstrings. Capacity approx. 8 litres. The by-product of corn is called PLA. PLA (polyactic acid) is usually made from the sugars in cornstarch, cassava or sugar cane. PLA is 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and CO2 neutral. To make a kind of plastic (PLA) from maize, the maize grains are mixed with sulfur dioxide in hot water, so that all components in this mixture develop again into starch, proteins and fibres. Yarn is made from the fibers and a bag can be developed from it. The logo of “bio bag compostable – made of corn” is printed on the bag as standard.

Make this set even more special by printing a logo on each individual product and/or a sticker on the box. These products are delivered as a set in a durable kraft gift box.

Pricing is dependent is quantity and engraving/printing required see pricing examples below :

  • Quantity 10 Sets with all items engraved or printed (one colour print) & sticker with logo printed on the box @ €58.28 each ex vat (@23%)
  • Quantity 10 Sets with no items engraved/printed  & sticker with logo printed on the box @ €39.73 each ex vat (@23%)

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